Nurse Joy

"The greatest thing in the world is to know how to be one's own self." -Montaigne

Nurse Joy is the pretty nurse who works in the Pokemon Center. There is a Joy in every Pokemon Center, as there are many Joys. All of them are related somehow, and look/sound identical, even sharing the same name. The Joys are very pretty, and kind-hearted, although most of them have a steely strong side when necessary. They know a lot about Pokemon and care deeply for them.

Joys usually have Chanseys as assistants, as they make good nurse Pokemon.

However, despite their similarities, not all Nurse Joys are alike. Brock can tell them all apart, but more than that, there are Joys that don't fit the mould.

One Joy is an official for the Pokemon League, authorising gyms as real League gyms. Another Joy wants to be a Pokemon Master, and takes the Pokemon League Admissions Exam, where she does very well.

One Joy is lazy and a bit absent-minded. One Joy does exploring and archeology to try to find Kabuto oil, rumoured to bring health and immortality. And another Joy is deeply tanned, muscular, strong and strong-willed, kayaking around Orange Islands that don't have Pokemon Centers to care for sick Pokemon with her Chansey. She is good friends with a giant Magikarp (which later evolves).

All the Joy's mothers look alike also.

Despite some differences, most Joys have common traits of niceness, willingness to help/advise/scold Ash and his friends if they need it, and most of them need help at some stage. ^_^.

Joy's voice sample - click here to hear what she sounds like. "Oh, no! It's all my other relatives that are odd!"

--Joy pic taken from Pokemon Picture Archive--

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